Video Game Thread

This years Madden is horrible. Crashes and freezes on me constantly. I started buying every 3 years since you can get roster updates from other users and just keep going. This year is not much different than 3 years ago and is so unstable.


I still have madden 20, And I don’t play it too much either. I’d like a good NFL game but madden just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Got a bud that plays online so he buys every year but he said the only thing better about 23 is the rosters and a couple of gameplay additions. Other than that he still prefers ‘19. So I won’t be buying madden for a long time

The tackling in madden on all-madden difficulty is some of the worst stuff I’ve ever experienced in a football game

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Does anybody else here just flat out suck at video games? My 8 year old destroys people in Fortnite on XBox. He builds at absurd rates, fires, builds, moves locations, builds around you then edits and drops a frag grenade on your head. It’s insane.

My on the other hand, I can’t even shoot someone as my aim is swinging wildly across the screen. Same for Assassin’s Creed and the like, I quickly get lost in the open world and apparently don’t have the dexterity to do anything on the sticks.

FIFA is a slightly different story. I can’t go all tekkers on people, but can put the level at a pretty high point and know soccer well enough that it works.

GTA is the same as AC. Easiest level and I struggle. I walked out of the game room the other day actually questioning, and I’m not making light of this affliction, if I had Parkinson’s because of my total inability to do anything.

I guess they can’t make a cool game easy enough for me. But also, I can play for maybe 2 hours a week. That’s part of the “problem.”


Live service gaming fckin sucks. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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Which service did you try using?

Just the whole concept of live service gaming. Releasing a half baked game because they’ll provide “free content” over a period of time. It’s frustrating and exhausting.

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I got GOW Ragnarok for Christmas and I’ve played the opening. Looking awesome so far and I can’t wait to keep playing!


Also I’ve somehow been able to mostly avoid spoilers up until this point.

I just finished “Resident Evil: Village” this morning, really enjoyed it and highly recommend


It’s been on my list for a while now.

Bout time you guys talked about an RE game!

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Honest question, I’m a mild gamer but don’t spend too much time with it. I hear a lot about PC’s and their abilities, but I’m not sure if spending that much money on one is worth it. Is it really that much better than PS and Xbox?

Depends if what you play is console exclusive or not.

I’m honestly all over the place. GoW, Fifa, CoD, The Spider-Man series, PGA, The last of us, I pretty much play everything.

I also have a quest 2 and have heard about connecting it to PC but honestly not sure what all that does.

PC is better for online gaming. If you like story driven games then a console with a big TV is better in my opinion.

Anyone ever play the Forza games? I want to get a racing game on my PC that’s not Need for Speed.

How good is your PC?

What are you looking for in racing game?

I’ve got a 1080, i7-7700k, and 16Gb of RAM.

I’d like a game that’s more realistic than the arcade experience you get with need for speed.

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Forza is definitely that.

For pure fun, Wreckfest.