Video Game Thread

Forza Motorsport games are realistic racing. Forza Horizon games are arcade style. If you have game pass Horizon 5 is on it but I think they removed Motorsport 7 already.


Love the name brotha.


Is Gran Turismo strictly PS4/5?

I think so. I grew up playing Gran Turismo 2 and 3 with my dad, so it would be cool to play that again.

yeah it’s a sony property. Wish they would expand, I loved 2, 4, and 5. One of the few games that brought both my brothers and I together.


I absolutely loved that game. Probably wouldn’t play it now, because racing games don’t necessarily entertain me, but that game was awesome.

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Would like to see a new burnout game. Takedown and paradise city were awesome on ps2/ps3.