What Mike Gundy Said Monday in His Week 4 Radio Show

I dunno. I was high on Illingworth as an option, but now I’m not so sure. Gunnar? Rangel?

See what happens when you have a former college QB and NFL QB in charge of the kid and wonder why he sucks after three years on campus?

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What does this even mean? Are you saying he’s just not talented?

What I’m saying is that everyone is b*tching about Sanders, and rightly so. You have to consider at the same time though he’s had the same head coach (Mike Gundy) who is a former college QB.

Then you have Tim Rattay who had the spring, fall, and season of 2020 to work with Sanders. He’s also had the spring and fall of this year. So why does Sanders still suck?

I can understand blaming Sanders for some things, but I also keep in the back of my mind he’s had a head coach that hasn’t taught him a thing in three years, and it’s almost like his QB coach is sitting back and collecting a paycheck while watching Sanders throw another touchdown pass to the other team.

If your going to blame Sanders for stuff then you better be willing to hold the coaches accountable for his development as a college QB too.

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His best game Oregon State. Mentioned in every podcast.

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We have a coach that’s spent so much time focused on trying to run the ball behind a shoddy offensive line it’s almost like he’s forgotten he has a QB too.

How about spending some time on his development? So that way when the other team loads the box to stop the run you have a QB that’s half-a55 competent enough to move the ball through the air?

Then you won’t be forced to run the ball because the QB will be good enough to hit the backside of a barn? Wow!! What a novel concept!!!

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Why? Maybe he’s not coachable. Maybe he’s not smart enough. Maybe he’s struggled with injuries and COVID and changing OCs. Jumping to “this is a coaching failure” seems odd since Gundy has coached great college QBs and he’s had mediocre talents that have played excellently like Clint Chelf and Walsh.

Rattay, maybe, I don’t know. There’s less history there, but it’s probably early to say he’s garbage. You have a one-track mind and just want to pigeonhole everything into your preconceived notions. Sanders just may not be as talented as we had hoped.

We were down 7 receivers… he has put the ball in the air this year. Maybe he’s trying to run (which we just had a great game of doing…) to take pressure off the QB and open up the defense.

2021 Offensive Stats:

Rushing Attempts: 128

Passing Attempts: 79

“We’re going to have to come together and decide how to rush the football and we have to rush the football for 4.5 yards per carry because we are very, very young on the perimeter right now. In years past, we could always rely on chunking it down the field and someone would make a play and we would all look good. As we develop those guys on the perimeter, we’re going to have to get better at rushing the football.”

Mike Gundy, September 13, 2021

I wonder what it would be like if he had depth at WR (like he said he did) and Jelani Woods still around to throw a pass to? There is also this:

“ We’ve been very impressed and excited about Spencer’s development,” [Oklahoma State coach “My personal opinion is last year, the spring ball that he missed, and summer conditioning, because of COVID, set him back.”

“I feel like the two months that we watched him over spring ball, he’s developed more than he has in two years.”

Mike Gundy, July 19, 2021

I don’t know. Do you notice a difference? Because I don’t. I guess Gundy thinks he’s doing a good job so far because he hasn’t said a word about him needing to be better. I would think he would be better after three years (like most of the fans do), but I guess the Head Coach thinks differently and is under the impression he’s been a lot better.

The Result: A head coach that thinks he’s better than he actually is.


We do have depth. I don’t think any team in America can absorb losing 7 receivers and not have a decline in production. Think about context, not just slandering people.

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Joe u are stupid, I’ve called u that many times it still fits.
If going for two was a smart move to go for in the first half others would do it. Just by the action is proof enough. I know Oregon did it a couple of years on their first td. 1 team out of a hundred of teams over 80 years. So if it work he would of mean innovative. As it is he was just stupid.
Osu going for two at the end of the game is done quite often. So not stupid.
I have answer this for like the 10th time

Going for two at the end of the game down by 1 with just one chance of getting the play and almost no time left is dumber than going for two being up 12-0 before the half when there is a ton of time remaining.

Don’t let this concept hurt your head too much Robert.

Joe I know u liked gundy going for 2, u have said so. So u are just wanting to argue. I know both times the 2 point conversation cost the game.
I think 100 % of the people can understand why gundy did it. I think no one with any smarts understand why u chase points early.
It also showed ksu needs to work on it since they missed 2

I didn’t have a problem with what Gundy did. Your right about that. I’m trying to say Klieman going for two to make it 14-0 in the middle of the game isn’t any dumber then what Gundy did in Bedlam.

You act like I’m just trying to confuse you, but you end up confusing yourself lol. Let me guess…if Gundy would’ve of done what Klieman did it would’ve been okay, right?

Just listen to the gundy excuse train at the end of the season. It will be the same stuff rinse and repeat.


Joey I like how positive u r. But u couldn’t confuse a drunk hobo.
I know exactly what ur say it was ok to do both.
In ur mind they were both being aggressive.
I’m saying they both led to loses. Be as aggressive as u want to lose.

Just red ur post it was the best raiman audition Ive seen today.

So you don’t think Gundy should’ve went for two in Bedlam 2018?

I would have went to over time

So is it dumb or not? Because you just said it’s not stupid, and then said you would’ve went to overtime. Then you said it’s done quite often. The last time I can recall it happening was Bedlam 2018.