Welcome to the PFB Forum

What this is

Welcome to the PFB forum. It only took us eight years to make it for you guys. You’ll notice that we have four categories that you don’t have to pay for – Hoops, Football, Other Sports and Non-Sports – and one you have to pay for – our PFB+ category.

The Kyles and other staffers will mostly be in the PFB+ forum, dropping rumors and thoughts on a variety of things, and we’re looking for a few moderators to help us run everything else. We’re excited about what this place could be – what we hope it is, and to watch it grow in the years to come.

Also, we need a name so join the thread entitled “help us name this place” and let’s do it.

How to sign up

If you’re simply looking to sign up for a free account and hang in the free forums, you can go here and join for free. If you want PFB+, go to the same link and sign up at our monthly rate.

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